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    Our dear, silvery earth satellite, the moon has been up in the sky longer than you can imagine. 

    Our monthly moon horoscope explains the magic and practical aspects of the planet, which sometimes appears in its entirety, sometimes as a narrow crescent influencing not only the sea but also our souls. Written exclusively for the wearness by Moon Magic Mama Alexandra Kruse.

    The full moon a few days ago on one of the most magical nights of the year was in the zodiac sign of Scorpio - at the same time as "Walpurgis Night". The witches among us shouted YIPPEE, everyone else preferred to take a punch rather than a broom. Both are OK. Fact is, Scorpio loves to search the depths and abysses of the soul and - TADA- always finds something. It was intense, it is officially for transformation. Such processes are rarely pleasant, but unfortunately inevitable. There will be no diamonds without pressure. So if everything is different from now on: Blame it on the MOON. 

    The sun is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, so it's all about sensuality, more sensuality and even more sensuality. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is in charge of matters of the heart, of love, and of everything that has to do with beauty. We do not call May the blissful month for nothing. Anything you want in the ground, in there! This also applies to desires, both great and small. Around the new moon is the best time to mark out new projects, work on vision boards and give your dreams a solid base. 

    On the 15th of May the moon reaches its minimum brightness, ideal for planting in the dark what will then grow towards light. It is a time of silence to explore your inner selves and live out your creativity. No other day of the month is better for a Spa Day, for meditation, and to finally - excuse my language - shut up and experience the creative power of your own being. 

    The new moon will also be in Taurus - a sun and moon double date, so to say. Double horn power: ideal to indulge in self-value, self-love and self-enjoyment. A time of recollection with earth. This new moon in Taurus is absolutely down-to-earth and virtually one of the best times to start, plan, and finally implement something new this year - realistically, with all aspects around the topic "security" (yes, I know... nobody wants to think about retirement and yet we all get older). Making long-term plans with consideration and sustainability, and not forgetting the beautiful things in life. You don't have to fly straight to the moon, rather try going a little deeper and see what is still hidden, more or less, in the larval stage.

    Exactly two weeks later, on the 29th of May, the moon will be in Sagittarius. Now it is all about concretely setting your goals and implementing what you have learned in the last few weeks. The moon in Sagittarius wants just that: unity through self-knowledge. Again: don't exaggerate here... it's better to treat yourself to some rest. Full moons are like a huge, cosmic torch that brings to light everything that wants to be seen. Making peace and staying calm is the motto. Good luck!

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    Photo credits © Anna Rosa Krau (main)

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