Jenny und Philipp von Elixr

    Traditional beauty rituals such as oil extraction have been promising holistic beauty and well-being for centuries. Convinced of its effectiveness, Jenny and Philipp have made it their mission to add new sparkle to these rituals.

    Who are you?

    We are Jenny and Philipp. Both professionally and privately a couple and the founders of ELIXR.

    What is oil extraction?

    Oil extraction is a detoxification method from Ayurveda that has been proven over centuries. Traditionally, every morning vegetable oil is swivelled in the mouth for a few minutes to bind degradation products that accumulate while the body detoxifies overnight. The effects of oil extraction are numerous: the detoxification stimulates holistically, the skin gets a new glow, the teeth become whiter and healthier, the soul gets balanced. In just a few minutes body + mind are stimulated to detoxify and regenerate.

    What should I keep in mind when extracting oil?

    It is important not to eat or drink anything before oiling, otherwise you would swallow accumulated harmful substances. Ideally, you should scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper before extracting oil. We also recommend that you do not simply spit the oil into the spout afterwards, but rather into a cloth and then throw it away.

    How do the different oils from ELIXR work?

    We use high-quality essential oils in certified organic quality. These provide a fantastic taste, a pleasant texture and underline the individual mood in the morning. HARMONY provides balance and equilibrium, ENERGY gives strength and vitality and IMMUNITY gives inner strength and a good immune defence. For your own personal luxury in the morning.

    Since when have you been dealing with the topic of sustainability? 

    Since our childhood. Jenny: I grew up in Freiburg, Germany. I became interested in and committed to sustainability and environmental protection at a very early age. Philipp: I have also been strongly sensitized by my parents. Today, everyone is talking about topics such as the avoidance of plastics and upcycling. Even when I was a child, my parents taught me that you have to be careful with the environment.

    What would you expect from the fashion and beauty industry and consumers in the future?

    We hope that the big brands will change their minds. Sustainability is no longer just a marketing instrument, but something you want to change for the better. Unfortunately, there are currently only a few companies that take an authentic approach. As consumers, however, we also have to deal with our own shortcomings. Most of us often preach things that we don't always keep up with in reality.

    Name us your sustainable hotspots in Munich... 

    On weekends, we usually spend time in the mountains, hiking, skiing or cycling, depending on the season. For example, there is a great racing bike tour from Rottach over the Valepp to the Spitzingsee. Or a beautiful hiking tour in the Karwendel. If there is not enough time for an excursion, the yoga studio around the corner is always Jenny's first choice. The Mahashakti Studio in Schwabing has such a beautiful atmosphere.

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