Zero Waste
    Clean! Germany's first garbage-free beach club

    The first ever Zero Waste Beach Club opened in Hamburg at St. Pauli at the beginning of May. In the cosy "Karo Beach" in front of the Rindermarkthalle no cans, to-go cups or disposable bottles or plastics are used. Instead of plastic straws natural straws are used, instead of heating mushrooms you get cuddly blankets at cooler temperatures. The 200 tons of sand come from Kaltenkirchen and are 100 percent recycled. Environmentally friendly: the bottles are filled and cleaned regionally; the food offered is of course produced regionally. The aim of the new beach club is to use as few resources as possible. Behind the concept are the founders of "Stückgut", shops where you can buy completely package-free.
    Karo Beach, Neuer Kamp 31, (St.Pauli), daily 12-22 h; www.karo-beach.de

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