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The Urainian-born designer Alesya Orlóva loves individuality - and designs accessories for all those who feel the same way. In her atelier in Hamburg she creates timeless modern handbags in limited editions.

Fair Handcrafted Made in Europe
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Some accessory designers might dream of it-bags... When Alesya Orlóva closes her eyes, she sees bags of rare value. Now living in Hamburg, she grew up in the Ukraine - at a time when one could only dream of being able to choose pieces from other regions. "In the former Soviet Union, every child played with the same doll. And every mother wore the same handbag." 10 years after the graduate musician and interior designer Alesya and her husband Alexander moved to Germany - in 2015, this innate longing for individuality gave rise to the idea of creating a small, exclusive handbag label. Alesya Orlóva stands for timeless saddle, bucket or clutch bags in a restrained design. No labels, no celebrity airs. "And when a color is sold out, that's the way it is"emphasizes Alesya, who consciously chose limited editions.
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1. Alesya Orlóva 2.The Shoulder Bag in ruby red  3. & 4. At the traditional manufacture in Florence, Italy  5. & 6. Instagram shoots.

All handbags are hand-stitched and made of the finest Italian calfskin

Every design is created in her studio in Hamburg; the production is carried out by a traditional company in Florence. All handbags are hand-stitched and made of the finest Italian calfskin. Although her designs have already been acclaimed by the press and are attracting an increasing number of fans, Alesya considers it important that her label remains something special. It also means acting responsibly. She does not use plastics for packaging and donates part of the proceeds to non-profit organizations. Alesya Orlóva does not make It Bags, but Slow Bags.