Alyki Cashmere

Tradition and passion are at the core of Alyki Cashmere, a young knitwear brand, all made from cashmere and natural fibers. Designed and created in Italy.


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For centuries, the craftsmen of the Italian city of Biella have been spinning high-quality wool, especially cashmere. After working in Milan for leading fashion houses in design and production, Luisa de Palma decided to start her own project Alyki in Milan:

"My love for colors and luxurious everyday clothes led me to create a brand for simple, comfortable knitwear. My vision is to make clothing of the highest quality and to offer a style that will stay relevant over time".

The goal of the founder: to make life a little easier with her creations. The soft, oversized knitwear pieces are easy to wear and effortless to style. Real feel-good garments with plenty of freedom for movement. Alyki products are never boring, because the choice of color is a key factor in the design process. The focus is on cheerful and exciting new combinations of colors. This is how Alyki turns its knitwear into modern trend pieces.

Equally important for the label, however, is the return to the centuries-old tradition of the Biella region. Following the mantra "Region and Quality", Alyki uses only the finest Italian natural fibers, which are processed with great know-how in carefully selected workshops around Biella, where spinning is an art passed down from generation to generation. Producing in Biella only offers advantages because Italy has the best quality of certified yarns. In addition to cashmere wool, cotton, and silk also play a role in the collections.


Luxury and quality from the region

No waste here! Limited editions avoid overproduction and make the label's pieces even more luxurious. Alyki is part of Felice De Palma, a company that engages employees who collect and recycle natural raw materials and sell them to other spinning companies.

The factory is run by women, mothers and wives who are strong and independent. Everyone - starting with the intern - is paid according to EU law. For the company, genuine sustainable luxury begins with a fair and happy production.