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Anne Bernecker had enough of fashion for the masses and decided to go for the opposite principle: unique pieces for a few.

The London designer collects the most beautiful vintage jackets on her travels - and turns them into unique pieces.

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Fast Fashion produces a lot of clothes - but no favourite items. Anne Bernecker misses the times when clothes still had what it takes to be an heirloom and lasted for generations. Under the claim "reuse, reinvent, revive" the London resident with German roots has been tracking down vintage jackets all over the world since 2015 and gives them a second life - in the best upcycling manner.

The passion for uniqueness

Anne, who also works as a successful street-style blogger and who studied fashion design at London's Central Saint Martins College makes denim jackets embroidered with glass stones by hand. This is how single pieces become unique pieces. "Each piece tells its own story. And whoever wears it becomes part of this story."

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Anne's collection is created in collaboration with Indian artisans and contains only a few pieces. It is based on her passion for uniqueness and is strictly according to the Slow Fashion principle. It relies on pre-loved textiles; thus it saves new raw materials, avoids animal components and strictly observes fair working conditions for its suppliers. In short: Anne Bernecker pieces are not only special, but also very good.