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A young label from Munich that never compromises: Quality and fit are just as important to Another Brand as fairness and sustainability.

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Founding another fashion label in 2017 requires a lot of courage. There is so much competition in both the sustainable and the conventional market that it is impossible to get an overview of all the competitors. Corinne Samson and Joanna Kapitza were nevertheless sure: There is still room for one more brand. And that is for Another Brand. With their label, the founders wanted to do things differently. Things they didn't like on the fashion market. "It was immediately clear to us that we only wanted to use materials that had been produced under fair conditions."

Another Brand
Corinne Samson and Joanna Kapitza, the founders of Another Brand

The range consists of T-shirts and sweatshirts made of cotton, as well as cashmere sweaters. The t-shirts and sweatshirts are completely made in Portugal, only the cotton yarn is bought in different countries. The rest of the value chain takes place exclusively in Portugal. The knitting mills, dye works, and outfitters are all Oekotex and some are GOTS certified.

"Our dyeing factories even have their own sewage treatment plants where the water is recycled and can be used for the next dyeing process. In recent years, this has allowed us to continuously reduce water consumption," explain the founders.

Only the small family businesses that finish the shirts in Portugal are not certified. "That's because it's relatively expensive," the label says. " We prefer to invest the money in people and products." To be able to get a realistic picture of the working conditions, the founders visit the companies twice a year.

However, with the cashmere products, the production process is different. The raw material is obtained from the soft undercoat of the cashmere goats, whereby mechanical shearing often causes injuries to the animals.

"Our sweaters and accessories are made in Inner Mongolia. We only use cashmere, which is combed out by hand during the natural change of the animals' fur," the founders say.

The goats live with Mongolian shepherd tribes in a manner appropriate to their species. The collection pieces are knitted with hand knitting machines - never under piecework conditions. The wordings and details are embroidered by hand. "For this we work together with an Italian importer, who confirms us a painless extraction of the wool and fair production and visits the farms several times a year for this purpose".

Another Brand
another brand
Cashmere Goats in the Inner Mongolia. Pure cashmere wool and a knitter in a workshop in the Inner Mongolia.

The label not only emphasizes on fair production conditions and sustainability, but also on the local factor. For example, the hangtags are made of Gmund paper, which is particularly environmentally friendly and is printed by a Munich printing company. From the coming season on, Another Brand's favorite pieces will also no longer be in plastic but in compostable bags. Another step into the right direction.