Atelier Rasmei

The ethical, sustainable and socially conscious label from Switzerland creates great "Mommy & Me" fashion, which will help to make future generations strong.

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Children are the future - and sometimes they inspire to completely new ways of life. This was also the case for Darshana Salvisberg. After studying Business at the London School of Economics & Political Science and then Blockchain Strategy at The University of Oxford, she pursued a successful career in the financial sector. But then she changed her career and took a course in children's clothing at the famous Central Saint Martins in London.

After becoming the mother of two girls, Darshana has since experienced the unique bond between a parent and child. From this relationship she developed the philosophy of her label Atelier ParsMei. The name underlines the close mother-child bond: it is Latin and means "a part of me".

Darshana Salvisberg von Atelier Parsmei mit Ihren zwei Kindern

Darshana Salvisberg, the founder of Atelier Parsmei with her two children

The fashion concept of the Swiss label is also based on this principle. Darshana firmly believes that both mother and child should wear and enjoy luxury items produced with respect and with benefits for the future generations. And this is what the pieces from Atelier Parsmei do.

"We have chosen to look for a better way and produce our fashion with social commitment and sustainable principles. We see it as our task to encourage everyone from our suppliers to our customers to think, act and choose positively," says Darshana Salvisberg and continues: "At the same time we are constantly coming up with new ideas that help us to reduce waste and our environmental impact."

What does this mean in everyday practice? The label's first collection for the 2020 summer season is mainly produced in Portugal, with only a few pieces coming from India. Already for the next collection, Atelier Parsmei is planning to manufacture completely in Europe. It is important that the materials come from regions close to the production sites in order to avoid transport emissions. The brand only uses environmentally certified materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen or wool and silk that are free of chemicals and toxins. The brand also uses recycled fabrics and environmentally friendly alternatives such as Tencel or Lyocell. Even the packaging for shipping is environmentally friendly and FSC-certified.

Darshana Salvisberg visiting the workshop in India.

There is no mass production here. Every piece of clothing is a design object. For example, the current collection takes up the thought-provoking installations of the contemporary artist Ai Wei Wei about the earthquake in Sichuan in 2008 and uses the silhouettes of traditional Chinese school uniforms. The use of pleats creates a structured texture, bodice dresses contrast with voluminous skirts that guarantee freedom of movement. The colour palette ranges from lime green to bubblegum pink.

Atelier Parsmei

The current collection of Atelier Parsmei.

For every piece of the collection that is sold, Atelier Parsmei donates a book to the Kaveri Vanitha Sevashrama orphanage in India to ensure that the children there receive an appropriate education. Atelier Parsmei is also supporting the Room to Read organisation with the aim of furthering literacy of children in the less privileged parts of the world.