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Binu is Korean for soap.

The pretty word is the simple and fitting name for the Berlin beauty label, which - exactly - produces soaps near Seoul. Based on the know-how of traditional Korean care and using high-quality herbal ingredients and oils. And the best thing is that the highly effective products come onto the market in the most ecological way possible.

The two friends Kyoung-Min Fündling, called Nami, and Anna Katharina Bürger were surprised that there were so many expensive and unusual skin care products to buy and that ultimately none of them really catered optimally to the needs of their skin. It became clear to them; they had to develop it themselves - a skin care, which would handle sensitive skin gently and thoroughly. Without artificial ingredients, and in any case committed to a beautiful, healthy complexion! They quickly came across Korea where Nami has her roots, and it is a country where beauty - from ancient medicinal plant secrets to high-tech serum - is written in capital letters. That was the beginning of BINU.

Gentle cleansing with natural ingredients

The manufactory, run by Nami's, parents produces 100 percent natural soaps for body and face in the bamboo groves south of Seoul using an elaborate cold process. Regional ingredients such as bamboo leaf powder, bamboo activated carbon, red ginseng, antibacterial Hinoki water and, depending on skin type, high-quality oils of lavender or coconut replace synthetic ingredients. Thus the soaps clean particularly gently and with mild foam formation without attacking the skin.

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1. Nami Fuendling & Katharina Bürger the two founders of Binu  2. Preparing the Bamboo  3. Blocks of Charcoal  4. Drying of soap  5. Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap  6. Red Ginseng Facial Soap

The two entrepreneurs also treat their environment with similar care and consideration: they exclusively use biodegradable ingredients, 98% recyclable packaging and ship their goods climate-neutral.

BINU is cruelty-free and socially aware

There are no animal experiments at BINU. The social aspect is also important: the employees all come from the nearest village, the payment is above the local minimum wage.

After drying and maturing for five weeks, the soaps are packed in waxed paper and start their journey to Europe, where, when unpacked, they finally surprise with their delicate fragrance. And even more with what they can do! 

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