"Love the past - wear the future": The German label Black Velvet Circus successfully hits the contemporary Zeitgeist with timeless fashion. The focus is not only on design and quality, but also on the craftsmanship behind the production. The aim is to keep traditional textile companies alive.

After her time with Alexander McQueen and Lala Berlin Tanja Glissmann decided to build something of her own. Black Velvet Circus was born by chance, out of her love for vintage fashion. Together with a friend she wanted to sell fashion from flea markets online. The origin of the name? "My friend and I liked "Black" at that particular time, "Velvet" has that vintage feeling and "Circus" is a bit mysterious. "We made up a lot of names, and we just liked the sound of it." 

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Tanja Glissmann, the founder of Black Velvet Circus. Pictures of the current collection.

In 2013, the shop finally became a fashion label that still has a vintage character. As a one-woman show, Tanja Glissmann creates highly modern collections in Hamburg, but they always have a light retro twist to them. She herself describes the style as a minimalistic hippie look.

Not only is the design of the items is compelling, but also their strong statements: The "Self Love" line promotes self-confidence and the love for oneself, the Working Goddess collection was specially designed for the working girls. Black Velvet Circus could not be closer to the pulse of the time. 

Just as important for the brand is what happens behind the scenes. That is why small quantities are produced in Portugal, Peru and Thailand. A lot of the items are completely made by hand, from the hand-woven fabric up to the embroidery.
Some of the local partner companies, who work with the label, are simply too small for sustainability labels or environmental certifications. That is why Black Velvet Circus personally checks whether the companies pay their employees fairly and if they offer them a secure job. Tanja Glissmann, however, continues to see an upward trend: "I am already working on concepts that I would like to implement as soon as the company grows. Because fair production for me means not only that the people who sew the clothes are paid fairly, but also that everyone in my company is allowed to treat themselves with love without exception".  Great perspective - the future is bright!

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