Bower Swimwear has understood the need for modern swimwear that is both beautiful and sustainable.

The London label creates swimwear that is design-oriented, functional, and good for the environment.

Handcrafted the wearness Icon Zero Waste the wearness Icon Vegan the wearness Icon Recycled the wearness Icon 

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Influenced by a great childhood by the sea and shaped by years in vibrant cities, Fiona Ryn and Rupert Tapper founded Bower Swimwear in 2015: "Although we met in London, Rupert and I both grew up in Manly on the northern beaches of Australia. Fairy Bower was a regular meeting place during our most defining years". In Europe they both realized how difficult it is to find really good swimwear here. That had to be changed! During the design process, the couple had the typical girl who spends her free time at the Fairy Bower in Sidney in mind - with success. Bower quickly became one of the leading designer labels for swimwear and is now sold in Great Britain, France, the USA, Korea, Ireland, and Australia.

The most important thing about a swimsuit? According to the founders, you have to feel comfortable first of all: "The less bells and whistles, the better. It's about the perfect fit and durability." That's why they work hard on the cuts until everything is exactly right. From season to season, the label draws inspiration from strong women for its simple but sophisticated creations. Timeless cuts meet trend colors and fashionable details. Simple bikinis or elegant one-pieces - there is something for every figure. 

Swimwear made from recycled fishing nets

Bower Swimwear has decided to produce in Europe to ensure that the personal contact between the label and producers is maintained. Only this way the founders can guarantee that all employees are paid according to EU guidelines.


Pics from the current campaign

Bower sources the fabrics and raw materials for the collection from France and Italy. What's special: All fabrics are made of recycled polyamide. This is partly obtained directly from old fishing nets. The actual production takes place in Portugal. The label also takes great care for the environment. A special machine cuts out the swimsuits in such a way that hardly any waste is produced. In addition, they only produce in small quantities.

"Any dead stock material, we resell it to other brands or use it later."

A real role model, that shows: Fashion must not have anything to do with waste!