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The designer Buki Akomolafe combines West African patterns, quilts, and prints to clean, androgynous classics. A fashion eclectic - with sharp cuts, cool white pieces, and strong colors. And of course, fine organic fabrics from Europe and Africa.

The Berlin designer spent her childhood with her father in Nigeria. It was here where she developed a weakness for the sensational colors and designs of West African fabrics. Her father, manager of agricultural projects, also taught her how essential it is for people to treat resources, land and the environment with care and respect.

With her label, which Buki Akomolafe has been running since 2016, she mixes the best out of two worlds - classic-clean cuts made in Europe and powerful, beautiful colors and prints from Africa.

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1. Designer and Founder Buki Akomolafe  2. & 4. Campaign shooting  3. & 6. Lookbook shooting 5. Instagram shooting

What does that look like? Promising, very modern and expressive. Patterned fabric sweaters go with plain white blouses. A bustier dress becomes elegant pop art. Off-White meets Royal Blue. Reversible quilt pieces, eye-catching avant-garde but also wearable, are made by hand in traditional African sewing art. They are the heart of the collection.

The fabrics are all eco-certified (except for African wax prints) and manufactured by a master craftsman. All items are produced in a small, exquisite edition. Fair wages and high environmental standards are indispensable details that belong to Buki Akomolafe equally as much as a pretty print collar.

handcrafted made in Europe organic vegan 

female empowerment fair eco friendly