Suits in the office? Yeah, sure! We believe that a perfect suit belongs to every business wardrobe. A well-cut suit can work like a protective coat, especially for presentations or important appointments. Its strictness gives you an additional presence, while never distracting from the essential, from the content.

However, what has to be considered?

  • The fit: A suit must fit particularly on the shoulders. A drooping shoulder area can quickly give the impression: "she or he does not fill the position/shoulders".
  • The color: Malaikaraiss's suit is a dark fir-green one: it doesn't always have to be black!
  • Proportions: Try a longer blazer shape or a double-breasted heron - plus pants in 7/8 length or with a wide, flared leg.
  • Mix & Match: Beside the suit there are still numerous combination possibilities. You can wear the trousers with blouse, shirt, or another jacket shape. Jeans and skirts can be combined with the blazer. Important! Make sure that the fabrics are clearly differentiated.