CANO stands for Mexican craftsmanship and environmentally friendly production. The label produces the traditional Mexican shoes called huaraches from vegetable-tanned leather and is committed to fair wages and working conditions.

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When thinking of Mexico we think of holidays. But the country not only has beautiful beaches, but also a lot of culture and old crafts. For example a sandal called "Huarache", which comes from a 200 year old handicraft tradition and is still worn in many parts of Mexico.

During a holiday, Phillip Mayer and Lukas Pünder discovered the traditional huaraches and they were immediately impressed by the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into the shoes. This is how the shoe label CANO was born in the end of 2016, launching the Mexican sandals in Germany. The two old school friends founded the social start-up while they were still studying. Their vision is maximum transparency and to show the history behind the products. At the end of 2018 they decided making this kind of transparent production possible for the entire fashion industry. For this purpose they founded their second start-up "retraced" in March 2019. With "retraced", the founders want to offer customers a new shopping experience through transparency in production and digitalisation in communication. In 2019 "retraced" was awarded the special prize for digitisation and sustainability as part of the German Sustainability Award 2020.

Cano Shoes
XXX visiting the workshop in Mexico.

At Cano, traditional style lasts longer than a trend. Longevity is guaranteed by the highest quality. The shoes are produced directly in Mexico. The leather used is plant-tanned in the traditional way and completely avoids chemical tanning agents. The leather comes exclusively from regional cattle. The natural crepe soles are made of natural rubber and are completely biodegradable. The soles of the boots are obtained from old aircraft tyres.

Also fairness and transparency have top priority for the label. Cano is committed to fair wages and good working conditions and makes sure that all its partners also share the same values.

"In the small town of Michoacán, we work with a local workshop where the leather is cut to size before it is brought home to our "tejedoras". In their living rooms, kitchens or on the terrace our Artisans weave our huaraches by hand. Since most of our Artisans are women and have to take care of their children, this work offers them the possibility to combine both."

Cano Shoes
Cano Shoes
Cano Shoes
The artisans working in the small workshop in Michoacán

However, all this is not enough for the founders. For the future the label is looking for a vegan leather alternative that does not contain PU or polyester. Continual improvement is at the top of CANO's list.