Zeitlose Designertaschen aus Naturleder

The bag label Centseize from Germany is known for its timeless designs made of certified and exclusively plant-tanned Italian natural leather. It's a lifetime-love.

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Anna Veit from Stuttgart discovered leather as a material during her fashion design studies. Her parents had a small goat farm, and so it was obvious to experiment with the natural raw material for her first work. "At that time I started to make leather jackets, but then I noticed that bags were more grateful - you can wear them for a lifetime." 

Anna Veit the founder of Centseize

Anna Veit, the founder of CENTSEIZE

At first it wasn't Anna's big dream to start her own business with her own label. But her experience as a designer in other companies showed her that she needed more freedom to fully exploit her creativity. That's why she founded Centseize in her hometown in 2013.

The name is French and stands for the back number 116 - her brother wore it at a successful bicycle race - and for Anna's love for France, where she lived for several years as a child. The country still serves as a source of inspiration for the founder today. The products embody exactly the elegant simplicity with wow effect, Anna has always admired so much about the French women's style.

Only once a year a new collection appears, consisting of bags, leather accessories, and sunglasses. The focus is on natural shades and black, paired with reduced forms. "I want you to be able to wear my bags for a lifetime and experience their changes - that's why my designs are very clear and therefore timeless." Nevertheless, you can always find optical fashion highlights like fringes, fur trimming or color blocking.

Anna has always been fascinated by the French women's Style

In the beginning, the designer lovingly handcrafted each bag herself in her small studio. She worked on a bag for up to two days. At some point, the demand simply became to great to cope with alone. Anna Veit outsourced part of the production to a factory in Poland where only women work. 

More environmental awareness, less pollutants

Now the bags are handmade partly in Poland, partly in their own small studio in Stuttgart. Just like Anna in her Stuttgart studio, they handcraft the bags from high-quality natural leather with love. The leather is produced in Tuscany in the traditional way by the certified tannery association Pelle Conciata Al Vegetale In Toscana: Only hides and skins that are a by-product of food production are processed. A further plus for the environment: "The tanneries exclusively use vegetable tanning agents. No chemicals are used and the waste, such as hair and sludge, is for example processed into fertilizers and bricks". 

Campaign pictures of the current collection

Leather produced in this way is not only better for nature but also for the user. It prevents the skin from contacting toxic substances as used in conventional tanning. Another reason to love Centseize bags a lifelong!