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Strong statement jewellery that attracts attention thanks to reduced design and outstanding quality instead of bling bling: The Parisian jewellery label CHO KONZEPT convinces with minimalism and French craftsmanship.

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Tanja Heiss, a Parisian by choice, already noticed in her hometown Augsburg that she has a creative side. But although she has always loved fashion, jewellery and photography, she decided to study International Business Management (Dual Studies) in Villingen-Schwenningen, Lyon and Barcelona.

She then worked in the buying department at Renault-Nissan, among others. Her biggest project was the recycling of catalysts. In fact, precious metals, the so-called PGM (platinum group metals) platinum, palladium and rhodium are also used here to reduce exhaust gases. Good to know: 75% of these metals are used in the automotive industry, and less than 30% in the jewellery industry. The good thing about these precious metals is that although they are rare, they can be recycled and thus reused infinitely often and for a long time.

Since July 2019 she has been applying her economic knowledge and her expertise in recycling precious metals to her own jewellery label CHO KONZEPT.

Tanja Heiss von Cho Concept

Tanja Heiss, the founder of CHO KONZEPT

Minimalist, but by no means plain - this is probably the best way to describe the rings and earrings Tanja Heiss designs. The timeless design is completely pure, but each piece is a big, striking statement. And most importantly: the jewelry is ultra-light and comfortable and it reflects like a mirror. Made of silver and rhodium, some of them are made from recycled raw materials. Always as little material as possible is used to keep the jewellery beautifully light.

"The products are unisex, but at the moment we have more for women than for men," says the designer.

The product range is manufactured in France. The short transport distances ensure that the ecological footprint is kept small. The French economy also benefits. During the COVID crisis, CHO KONZEPT also demonstrated its commitment to its adopted country by making donations to hospitals in Paris. Any support is welcome there.

The individual pieces of jewellery come without further repackaging in boxes, which can be further be used for storage. Like this, nothing has to be thrown away. By the way: The label is currently working on becoming even more sustainable.  In the coming years the jewellery will be completely made of recycled material.

CHO Concept

Cho Konzept

Images of the current collection.