Clean Beauty Concept

A 100% pure skin care programme that works like a natural mindfulness ritual. Clean Beauty Concept is a highly effective alternative to Botox and lifting, for all those who value natural and organic ingredients in their skin care. The complexion is refreshed, the skin glows from within - with an immediately visible lifting effect. 

 Made in Europe Vegan Eco-Friendly Fair Organic 


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"Beauty was and is my great passion." Founder Natalie Herzlieb began her career in 1999 at L'Oreal Luxe. Followed by 20 years of collaboration with international manufacturers and brands from the beauty industry. During this time, she got to know important beauty experts. Particularly formative was her encounter with Dr. Hajnal Kiprov, Austria's leading dermatologist.
In her search for suitable products for her own sensitive and dry skin and for a natural alternative to facelifts & fillers, she developed the desire to found her own beauty label. With products that make the skin radiant without the toxins that are still frequently used.
In 2020, the time had come: Natalie founded Clean Beauty Concept.

 Natalie von Clean Beauty Concept

Natalie Herzlieb, the founder of Clean Beauty Concept

Her approach can be described as the No-Tox-Concept: a fresher, more attractive and younger appearance, without their faces losing any of their character. Natural glow, fresh radiance, relaxed facial expressions and taut facial contours - but without skin that has been over-perfected by operations or toxins.
A fact that is often not taken into account in the cosmetics industry: Forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow's feet around the eye area are responsible for a negative, tired and stressed facial expression. Wrinkles are not only caused by loss of elasticity of the skin, but also by tension of the muscles.
With Clean Beauty Concept, these tensions can be tackled directly with the No-Tox Magic-Facial-Ritual - consisting of essence, oil and Bian stone - by relaxing the deep muscles. To achieve this, Natalie uses the knowledge of a thousand-year-old method of Chinese medicine to improve the complexion - the Gua Sha ritual. The traditional pressing and stroking technique releases tension, decongests the connective tissue, tightens and supports the detoxification process of the skin. The essence is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E organic rosehip seed oil from wild collection and stimulates collagen formation and cell renewal.
The effect: puffiness disappears, wrinkles begin to smooth out and the face regains its natural contour. A natural lifting effect without any surgical intervention. Just three minutes of daily application are enough.

Clean Beauty Concept

Essence, oil and Bian stone for the No-Tox Magic-Facial-Ritual

All products are made from 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients, are vegan and not tested on animals. They are free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, preservatives and artificial fragrances. They contain no alcohol and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
At Clean Beauty Concept, it's not just the ingredients that are "clean". The outside also counts. No additional packaging, perfect preservation conditions, and short distances: made in Austria.

Clean Beauty Concept

 A thousand-year-old method of Chinese medicine to improve the complexion - the Gua Sha ritual