Biotechnology meets high-quality, nature-based ingredients. The German clean beauty label Cluera shows that luxury cosmetics can do without critical ingredients that are only aimed at a short-term effect. 

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The Mastermind behind cluera's product development is Thomas Fortkord, a beauty expert from the Lower Rhine region. As a sales and marketing consultant, he advised international companies in various business fields - including the cosmetics industry - for many years. His expertise, and a critical perspective on the production and composition of cosmetic products, taught him: formulas and ingredients are unfortunately often far from being of high quality.

Cluera Gründer
Thomas Fortkord, the founder of Cluera

He had a key moment: the market entry in Germany for a brand from Southeast Asia. Critical ingredients and elaborately produced packaging that unnecessarily polluted the environment - this could not be the model for a "good skincare product". The term "luxury" seemed like an awkward paradox to him.

His passion for the beauty business and his demand for selected ingredients gave the starting signal for years of product development with a renowned Swiss laboratory. The result is a set of five anti-aging secret weapons based on a synergy of innovative biotechnology and natural active ingredients. High-quality, clean and reduced to effective ingredients.

Cluera products are not standard natural cosmetics. The focus is on innovation: the combination of premium active ingredient complexes and high-quality active ingredients. A real added value for healthy skin.


Peeling Mask and Intense Serum from Cluera

Cluera products are based on two pillars. The microalgae extract is extracted from the algae species Rhodacea, which is cultivated off the coast of Sylt and contains polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which moisturise, inhibit inflammation, boost collagen production, increase oxygenation in the skin and overall regenerate, repair, firm and tone. These effects are combined with a probiotic anti-ageing ingredient, ProRenew Complex, which rebuilds the skin's protective acid mantle. This extract, obtained through technological innovation from pro-biotic, lactic acid-producing bacteria, accelerates and improves skin regeneration, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, intensively moisturises, stimulates the skin's own processes against skin ageing and encourages it to produce more proteins, enzymes and antimicrobial peptides.
Hyaluron is also used selectively. However, it is important to choose the right one of the three existing types, as each works in a different skin layer and with different intensity.

Cluera products are developed and manufactured by a small laboratory in Switzerland. The manufacturing process follows the industrial standards (GMP) mandatory for the production of cosmetic products in Europe. All products are vegan and animal-free, without silicones, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and microplastics.

The packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC certified. For CO2-neutral shipping, Cluera participates in reforestation projects together with its logistics partner. Furthermore, sustainability also means social responsibility for Cluera: almost exclusively people with different disabilities work in the packaging department, with the involvement of charitable institutions.