Cobicos vegane Naturkosmetik

The Cobicos beauty label makes natural cosmetics that go far beyond the standards. All products are free of silicones and artificial preservatives but are full of active plant ingredients. 

made in Europe Fair organic eco-friendly female empowerment


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When you meet Birgit Corall, you immediately notice: the woman knows her business. You can talk to her for hours about the natural fragrances of magnolia or the wondrous effects of Manuka Honey without getting bored for even a second. Corall has turned her passion into her profession. But, as she herself says, "passion alone is not enough to run a successful business."

Birgit Choral von Cobicos Naturkosmetik

Birgit Choral, the founder of Cobicos

The path to her own brand began when Birgit Corall discovered natural cosmetics labels from abroad with ingredients that were not even known in Germany. Corall was particularly fond of Maori medicinal plants and especially Manuka honey. In order to close the gap in the domestic market, she started to sell the products in Germany in the 1990s.

And the success proved Birgit Corall right: Manuka honey with its antibacterial and antibiotic effects is now on everyone's lips. In 2010 she decided to take the next step and use her knowledge to develop her own beauty line. For the trained retail saleswoman, graduate in business administration and trained beautician, it was clear what was important: she wrote the formulas for the products all by herself, without resorting to silicones, mineral oils or artificial preservatives.

You will also never find alcohol or synthetic fragrances in the list of ingredients.

Instead, Cobicos relies on pure active ingredients from nature: in addition to Manuka honey, the products are based on ginseng, hibiscus, magnolia, and the mineral smithsonite. They form a protective, regenerating and rebuilding protective film on the skin. As a result, each serum has an anti-aging effect and prevents premature skin aging. Furthermore, no water is added to the two serums, but hydrolates of rose, cherry and lotus. And this with full power: The concentration of active ingredients is increased by 150% compared to the usual use.


Cobicos ingredients from nature

Cobicos creams are produced in a laboratory in Salzburg. The team consists of women only.

"For me women are the better employees," says Corall. " They grab at things that really matter."

Of the nine employees, three are severely disabled. In fact, the brand has already won an inclusion award for that. Proves once again: Birgit Corall is ahead of her time - and successful with it.