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In her Munich studio, jewelry designer Claudia Lassner produces cool and daring pieces for eternity under the name Cocii Jewelry, exclusively with recycled gold and silver.

The graduate jewellery designer Claudia Lassner runs a studio for jewelry in Munich, so timeless and shapely that one could dare to make a prediction - it will never go out of fashion.

Cocii's style blends genius tenderness and coolness. Lassner's simple pieces of jewelry precisely maintain the balance between sharper cleanness and a fine, feminine touch. Hearing that the glamour of the 1920s, but also the world of science fiction are sources of inspiration for the artist, one concludes: A blend that has found its perfect match here!

With Cocii, Claudia Lassner deliberately tries to translate a traditional formal language into the present - and vice versa. Her objects are reduced to the essential of a straightforward, captivating geometry and thus carry nothing ornate at all. They have what it takes to become an all-time favorite that will not disappear into the box forever after a few seasons... 

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1. Claudia Lassner the founder of Cocii Jewelry  2. & 3. & 4. & 5. Campaign of her current collection

The clarity and straightforwardness of the label continues with the material: Lassner, who calls herself a "One Woman Show" and lovingly produces all pieces by hand, works exclusively with recycled silver and gold. The material is processed metal from Germany, which she obtains from suppliers who adhere to the guidelines for the sustainable extraction of precious metals, and also do not use historically loaded material.

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