Das Cape Mädchen

The Berlin label "Das Cape Mädchen" by Josephine Gaede focuses on the cape. All classics, for every occasion. And then they are also "made in Europe".

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When Josephine Gaede discovered a beautiful, bright yellow cape made of fine wool during a holiday with her parents on Lake Como, she immediately fell in love with the piece which had gone out of fashion - and founded "Das Cape Mädchen". Because for Josephine it is much more than just a shawl. 

"The cape has no sizes and guarantees an elegant silhouette. The cape can be chic, but also casual, it can emphasise, but also conceal - the list is endless."

Das Cape Mädchen

Josephine Gaede, the founder of Das Cape Mädchen

She borrowed 2,000 euros from her father and ordered 100 capes, which she piled under her bed and resold with a small profit. Within six weeks Gaede had sold all the capes. This is how the successful story of her start-up began. What was at first a small extra income in addition to her law studies, grew more and more into a business model from 2013 onwards. 

Today she runs the company full-time and she designs all capes herself: In addition to her various wool capes, with which it all began, there are brooches and caftans, an evening cape and now the palazzo trousers. 

Das Cape Mädchen
The evening cape and now the palazzo trousers.

All capes are produced in the EU. The lamb wool comes from Australia, the wallkoden from South Tyrol from the textile company Moessmer. They have been producing fabrics made of pure new wool since 1894 and are the oldest industrial company in South Tyrol's Puster Valley. The special highlight: Even today they still manufacture everything in fully integrated production - from wool to high-quality fabric. Sustainability in dealing with resources is a matter of course for them.

For her minimalist brooches Josephine works together with a jewellery designer friend in Mexico. 

"What connects all our pieces: Timelessness, unobtrusiveness, simplicity - all classics that you can't get enough of."

Josephine's idea to create a favourite piece that is a faithful companion in every situation - and that always looks good without much thought.