DISSELHOFF: Hochwertige Ledertaschen aus umweltfreundlicher Produktion - the wearness journal

The label DISSELHOFF stands for minimalistic leather accessories, that are manufactured with the greatest respect for humans and animals and thus for the life behind the raw material. 

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Natural materials can hardly be surpassed in their quality and durability, but often it is not quite clear where the raw materials for them actually come from. DISSELHOFF shows that making high-quality leather products is possible without compromising in transparency and sustainability. The label was founded in Switzerland in 2017 by the German designer Imke Disselhoff. With materials that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way, the brand creates minimalist yet playful accessories.


Die Gründerin der Marke Disselhoff - the wearness online journal

Brand Founder: Imke Disselhoff

Animal welfare is very close to her heart since many years. "We are against factory farming with all its harmful effects on our beautiful planet and the animals themselves," says the brand's website. That's why the choice of materials doesn't start with the finished leather, but with the living cow on the pasture.

The organic leather that is used comes from farm animals that are kept according to the current guidelines of the "Biokreis for Agricultural Production in Germany". These also correspond to the requirements of the association "BioSuisse". Both organisations stand for ecological and animal-friendly agriculture that supports the local economy and are among the best regulations for animal welfare in the world.  

The animals are kept in small herds for meat and milk production. "As long as this industry exists, we believe that the use of hides is better than disposing them or using leather imitations instead, which are often chemically intensive or otherwise polluting," the label explains. 

These animals do not necessarily have a much longer life, but a much better one: the cows stay together with their calves and can move freely on large pastures, allowing them to live as wild and free as possible throughout their lives. They are not given antibiotics or other medicines, only fresh food, without pesticides, preservatives or genetic engineering. Even the transport to the nearby slaughterhouses and the slaughtering process are strictly controlled by independent authorities.

Afterwards, the raw hides in southern Germany are vegetable tanned according to strict environmental guidelines. The vegetable tanning process used is particularly gentle and biologically flawless. 

DISSELHOFF: Produktionsverfahren bei der Herstellung der Handtaschen - the wearness journal

Production of DISSELHOFF handbags 

All DISSELHOFF bags are handmade from this leather by craftsmen in workshops in Italy and Germany under fair and clean conditions. Each seam is perfectly placed and checked to ensure that each product is as stable as possible. For the inlays of the clasps, Imke uses leftovers or fragments made from old church glass or from tiles.

The longevity of the products is also ensured by the restrained design. The philosophy: Less is more! "We design with a minimal approach and always ask ourselves what we can leave out instead of adding. At DISSELHOFF, this concept runs through all production phases, from the paper on which the designs are made to the travelling to material procurement and the CO2 footprint left behind by the products. This is how sustainable favourites are created that we like to pick up again and again.