Flora Oleum

Looking for a luxurious care oil that every skin can benefit from? You will find it at the Berlin label Flora Oleum. The "Beautifying Elixir" combines high-quality plants to a blend that improves every skin.

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With beauty products, less is often more. The fewer the number of ingredients on the packaging, the better the formulations are tolerated by our bodies. The longer the list, and the longer the names of the ingredients, the more likely there are ingredients that the skin would like to avoid.

Daniela Mellis has taken a completely different approach. The former beauty editor is the founder of the Treat Beauty Lofts and the creative mind behind several sustainable brands such as Girl Smells, Voyage Organics and Treat Nail Polishes. Living in Berlin, she follows an organic lifestyle as much as possible and is a big fan of vegetable oils. They also play an important role at Flora Oleum.

Flora Oleum is Latin and means "flower oil". In the course of human history, healing through plants has always been an important part of medicine. The brand is inspired by this.

With a minimalist approach to cosmetics, the label has created a highly effective, purely organic yet luxurious skin oil that easily fits in with any beauty routine and does completely without synthetic colorants and fragrances, silicones, palm oil, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic preservatives.

It took two years to refine the blend of active botanicals discovered by the development team while travelling through monastery gardens throughout Europe. Even today, Flora Oleum sources all its raw materials from Europe.

Flora Oleum Öl

Finally, the recipe for the "Beautifying Skin Elixir" was ready. The effective mix of organic ingredients such as Damask Rose, delicate apricot and jojoba oil, as well as healing purple coneflower and St. John's wort moisturize, nourish and give the skin a radiant glow. Geranium leaf oil, frankincense, plant-based vitamin E and rose hip oil fill the skin and visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles - for smoother, firmer and healthy skin.