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Friends that Rhyme

Beautiful clutches made from old Japanese silk obis. At Friends That Rhyme, upcycling is the concept for the sustainably and fairly produced unique pieces. The bags are handmade by a social enterprise in Germany that works with refugees and supports their integration.

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Coincidence sometimes creates the best stories. This was also the case with Nadine and Sabine. Sabine comes from Belgium, Nadine from Canada. People might think that fate contributed a great deal to the fact that they met in Asia. Both had accompanied their husbands for career reasons there. After they happened to run into each other at their children's school, they realized how much they had in common. And then, at some point, that they were even neighbors.

Friends that Rhyme

Sabine and Nadine, the founders of Friends That Rhyme

There was one thing in particular that connected the two of them: Sabine and Nadine realized that although they liked being mothers, they needed another challenge to be really happy. The idea for their own business was born during a family trip to Niseko in Japan. The inspiration struck both of them like lightning when they entered an antique shop filled to the top with fascinating vintage fabrics. This resulted in the first collection of bags for their label. The name came to their friends' minds when they were mistaken for sisters in Asia because their first names rhymed. This is how they became known as Friends That Rhyme.

Since then Nadine and Sabine have stuck with vintage fabrics. For the clutches of Friends That Rhyme, fabrics finds from their travels are upcycled, for example Japanese Obis, the wide waist belts of kimonos made of fine silk. The founders love the fact that every textile has a history and they are passionate about hunting for the best discoveries. Also the idea of sustainability is very important to them - after all, what's already there doesn't have to be produced anymore.

Friends That Rhyme
Visiting the manufacture Stitch by Stitch in Frankfurt

The majority of the products are manufactured in Germany by the Stitch by Stitch initiative. The organization from Frankfurt works with refugees who bring along the craft know-how from their home countries and helps them to obtain the necessary training and certification needed to work as tailors in Germany. The clutches are handmade there. 

The colorful, patterned accessories match everything and give each look an individual twist. The founders say they are meant as a reminder of the individual history of each piece, or of the time you experienced it yourself when you bought the special clutch. In any case, they are love pieces.