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Girl Smells

Sweating is not a taboo subject here: The Berlin label Girl Smells is known for deodorants that keep their promises. Without aluminium salts, instead with organic and vegan ingredients.

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With cosmetic products, less is often more. The fewer the ingredients on the packaging, the better the formulations are tolerated by the body. The longer the list, and the longer the names of the ingredients, the more likely it is that there are things in it that the skin would like to do without. With deodorants this is not so easy, because in order to inhibit sweat production, the industry relies on controversial ingredients such as aluminium salt and alcohol.

With her label Girl Smells, Daniela Mellis takes a completely different approach. The former beauty editor is founder of the Berlin Treat Beauty Lofts and has already created several sustainable cosmetic brands. With Girl Smells she is now tackling the deodorant market. Her deodorant roll-ons contain only organic and natural ingredients. Nevertheless, the products keep what they promise. The natural ingredients neutralise unpleasant odours and have an antibacterial effect, resulting in a fresh and clean feeling. For the roll-ons, the label offers refills to reduce packaging waste.

Deodorants from Girl Smells

Deodorants from Girl Smells

In addition to deodorants with delicious scents such as vanilla-tangerine, grapefruit or lemon-peppermint, Girl Smells now also offers a wide range of other body care products. These include hand and foot creams, shaving foam and various lipbalms made from berry wax instead of beeswax.

"We use either glass bottles, which can be recycled, or airless pump dispensers, which ensure that we can do without classic synthetic preservatives," explains Daniella Mellis.

Everything is manufactured in a women-led factory in Germany, always in the smallest possible quantities. Girl Smells also avoids unnecessary cardboard boxes, because, according to the founder: "They are thrown away after the product is purchased anyway!