High-quality skincare with a unique beauty formula: The beauty label Inari uses the natural anti-aging power of the Finnish flora as the basis for a care line that works completely without chemicals.

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Finland is certainly not the first country that comes to mind when you think of beauty trends and innovative skin care technology. But the untouched nature north of the Arctic Circle offers unbelievable potential: the climatic conditions in the region are harsh. In winter, it's freezing cold, in summer it's partly sunny around the clock. The plants, berries, lichens and roots that survive those conditions have a unique nutrient profile and highly concentrated active ingredients.

Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg use this knowledge for their cosmetic label Inari, founded in 2017. Both grew up in Finland and are very familiar with the flora of the far north. Finally, the experts in Nordic natural cosmetics came up with the idea of integrating the advantages of the strong antioxidants of the Arctic plants into an effective anti-aging facial care.

Inari Gründerinnen
Sirkku Hahn and Nina Stenberg, the founders of Inari Cosmetics.

The Anti-Aging powers of nature

"Our vision is to support the individual beauty of every woman through the power of nature. From our own experience, we know how effective natural cosmetics are - natural ingredients and plant extracts protect and nourish the skin and protect the environment," explains Sirkku Hahn. "And we love the wild beauty and grace of the Arctic landscape. The flora of the region north of the Arctic Circle is unique. Arctic ingredients are at the heart of our beauty products," adds Nina Stenberg.

Together with an experienced development team in Germany and Finland, the founders created a line without parabens, silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances or other chemicals. Instead, all products contain the Arctic active ingredient complex specially developed by Inari.

It contains six selected plants: The Chaga mushroom, white pine bark, rose root and arctic berries such as cloudberry, blueberry and cranberry. They are particularly rich in antioxidants. Thus, they counteract the aging process of the skin, provide intensive moisture and strengthen the skin's resistance - all thanks to natural Anti-Aging power of the plants!