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When you see Julia Diehl's handmade creations, you wish the summer to last forever. In her studio in France, she creates sexy bikinis with rock'n'roll appeal, all eyes on at the beach...

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The designer Julia Diehl hand-crocheting a bikini. She is a passionate surfer.

In 2001, fashion designer Julia Diehl decided to leave Germany, where she last worked for Bogner Fire&Ice. From then on, the passionate surfer spent her summers in the south of France and the winter months on Maui. She repeatedly had a problem that many women know: "The bikinis on the market never fitted me perfectly, and were also too boring for me. At some point, I started making my own bikinis and experimented a lot with cuts". The tailor-made styles were also very well received by her friends. In 2006 Julia Diehl finally founded her own beachwear label, and soon the extraordinary bikinis were known in the surf scene all over the island.

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In the making: The denim bikini is made of used trucker jeans. Details of the Bandana Bikini. 
The young designer defines herself through much more than just her profession. She sees herself as a mother, surfer and rock'n'roll lover and incorporates all these facets into her designs. "I love to play with contrasts." Unconventional, rough materials such as leather and denim meet lace and crocheting elements. Fringes, studs, flowers or skulls: "Everything is allowed on the beach!" Julia Diehl calls this skillful mix of styles Bohemian Rock Couture. In addition to the look, the functionality of the bikinis is very crucial for the surfer.

"Everything is allowed on the beach!"

The label's collections are produced entirely in Europe: Lycra and SGS Fresenius certified leather come from Italy. Recycled materials, such as used denim or vintage cotton are reused. "All products are made in my studio in France." Only the crochet collection is handmade in Poland as part of the Loretta project to combat poverty among women. A large number of certificates such as Ökotex, REACH and sensitive fabrics show that the label produces ethically all round. Julia Diehl proves: Sustainability can be so sexy!