The Berlin label Julia Leifert never lets itself be distracted by trends.

Instead, it focuses on clear lines - and this does not apply to the look, but also to the production! Each Julia Leifert piece is handcrafted and made from sustainable fabrics. Of course in Europe.

Julia Leifert does not need to explain that style and environmental awareness are no contradictions. After graduating in law and fashion design management, she noticed early on that Sustainable Fashion is still considered unfashionable. She founded her own label to provide the final proof of the contrary: Her eponymous label produces ethically impeccable but highly fashionable collections for "strong women who live consciously" since 2014.  Inspired by the undistorted landscapes of South Tyrol (where Julia's ancestors lived), beautiful and high-quality designs are created without frills. Julia Leifert says: "I want to live out my style, but no longer wear clothes that exploit people or animals or are at the expense of the environment."

PETA approved and eco-friendly

The label exclusively uses sustainable materials, most of them with organic or recycled seals, and does without leather, fur or wool, that is not cruelty free. The reward: a Peta proofed label from the world's largest animal rights organization.

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1. The Designer and Founder Julia Leifert  2. Julia's great-great-grandmother Philomena  3. Lookbook-Pictures of the current campaign  4. & 5. Making of the collection

Julia, who taught herself tailoring and has a passion for fabrics, produces her collections by hand and in Europe. Most of them are only available by pre-order. Philomena avoids any surplus that is responsible for the mountains of waste in the conventional fashion industry. Julia's understanding of modern femininity? "Classical, reinterpreted cuts." And unquestionable principles. This is High Fashion 2018!

Handcrafted Recycled Made in Europe Zero Waste Organic Vegan Female Empowerment Eco Friendly Fair