The German jewellery company KUCK stands for decades of expertise. The trademark of the line: timeless creations made of fair fine gold.


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It all began in 1976 with a jewelry store in Düsseldorf's Königsallee, for which the couple, Angelika and Olaf Kuck, continually discovered the world's most exciting talents and brought international brands to the German jewelry lover. With the entry of the next generation in 2015, the success story now continues in the digital age and concentrates on the heart project: Their own line, KUCK - Pure Gold. 

The goldsmiths in Pforzheim

The trademark of the line: The playful use of 24 carat pure gold in the form of fine, precisely crafted necklaces, pendants and bracelets with striking design. The label works closely with traditional German manufacturers from the "gold city" of Pforzheim. Every single piece of jewellery is still handmade by their master goldsmith. At the beginning there is a 999 bar of fine gold, which through surgical precision in the form of casting, soldering, filing, grasping and polishing becomes one of the playful KUCK creations.


  Every single piece of jewellery is still handmade with a lot of love

Precisely crafted pendants, delicate gold necklaces and bracelets in a timeless but playful design are created, which have the potential to become daily companions. KUCK's collections are inspired by different themes: The jewellery pieces in the Revival collection are reminiscent of the lightness of the hippie era, the Nugget collection consists of lovingly modelled animal pendants made of pure gold, which do not need any kitsch and are nevertheless adorable. All products have one thing in common: they will never go out of fashion! 

Gold stands for luxury and wealth like no other raw material. However, the circumstances under which the precious metal is usually mined are not at all glamorous - instead, disastrous conditions prevail in gold mines all over the world. Kuck is one of the labels that has recognized this problem. All products are made exclusively from fairly mined and certified gold:

"In order to meet our social responsibility and protect the environment, we purchase our gold exclusively from gold suppliers who are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council."

This guarantees that the gold we use does not originate from conflict regions. Apparently, sometimes all that glitters is gold.