The Berlin-based label Maatï Maatï produces holistic, sustainable favorite pieces for everyone who loves yoga, swinging between spiritual tradition and urban luxury.

The range includes cork mats, cork blocks, yoga bags and clothes in a purist style. Best of all, each product supports an aid project, matching to its design.

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Leonie Lepenos was born in Berlin with Greek roots. She studied business administration and then worked in marketing. But at some point it didn't make her happy any more. In search of a balance she began with meditation, which brought her to yoga.

"During a yoga class I was lying on one of those stinking rubber mats that you find in every gym and I thought to myself, "It can't be that I want to do something good for myself and then inhale these toxic substances!" So she came up with the idea of developing a yoga mat whose surface is natural and as sustainable as possible.

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Leonie Lepenos, the designer and founder of Maatï Maatï.

The mats and plain blocks are made of 100% natural sustainable cork from Portugal; harvesting techniques and processing are traditional. This strengthens and protects local factories and Portuguese cork oak forests. "Our cork yogamats differ from other classic cork mats because they are not made of pressed cork, but retain the natural shape of the cork structure. Together with the cork farmers in Portugal, we have developed a special unique processing technique," explains the label. This makes the mats more slip-resistant, more flexible and more enduring than conventional yoga mats.

Transparency instead of exploiting 

The yoga bags with their delicate design are made of organic linen in China according to EU standards. (The female Chinese boss primarily hires women and tries to help them achieve independence.) The matching meditation scarves are made in a family-run Italian manufactory. Maatï Maatï wants to prove with its products, which are produced in a fair and sustainable way, that serious spirituality and fast moving everyday life are not mutually exclusive. The production is mainly done by hand, without overexploitation and completely transparent.

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Very special about the products is that ten percent of each article sold is donated to various aid projects and each design symbolizes one of these projects. The bag with the eyes supports an aid project that fights blindness in Ghana. The model with the cacti and the elephants supports Elephant Family, a relief project from Great Britain. The dolphin bag is for a dolphin relief project in the Aegean Sea. With the lions on the meditation cloth Maatï Maatï supports the WWF. And with all cork products, a donation is made to a Portuguese nature conservation project.