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Why do luxury and the best pure ingredients mostly not go together in the cosmetics industry? 

The luxury brand Maison Snow White, which only produces in small batches and with the finest organic oils, proves that this prejudice is not true.

Yasmin Gläser was already a passionate fan of luxury cosmetics as a teenager. She inherited this passion from an aunt with a fashion sense and a penchant for fine products. As a young woman, she loved to afford precious creams from luxury labels. Her bathroom reminded of a small perfumery - which her friends admired very much.

But years later, when she began to read about the ingredients of her beloved jars in trade journals, she was shocked: "I was completely horrified that they in particular usually did very poorly, even received the grade "unsatisfactory." She has long since started to eat healthy and sustainable. When it came to beauty products, she couldn't say: "I don't care!" She made a radical cut and separated from her expensive, unfortunately only superficially captivating collection. She switched to creams and lotions with good grades in their ingredients. But what she missed here - the products did not really appeal to her, the pampering character was missing. "I couldn't understand why luxury and the best ingredients couldn't be combined." Yeah, why not?

Precious oils for the best care effects

Grasses decided to resolve this apparent contradiction with her own cosmetics brand Maison Snow White. Ad absurdum that something apparently precious is so often offered in the shops today at the expense of the environment and ultimately also of high quality. It took her 14 years to prove otherwise. Years in which she learned the craft, "stirred, tasted, tested". Until she managed to integrate precious oils in certified organic quality (apricot kernel, coconut, jojoba, Shea butter) into a first-class, sustainably produced natural cream according to strict criteria. With which also the pleasant body feeling and strong care effects were not missing.

Maison Snow White now offers exactly two products in its exclusive, high-quality but not overpriced range - a light and a rich body milk. For her inventor, there is nothing more needed to care for the skin optimally and well.

Maison Snow White donates 1 percent of the profit to charity.


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