Marysal Taschen aus Guatemala auf the wearness Online-Shop

Colorful patterns, bright colors and radiant joie de vivre: the German label Marysal combines traditional Guatemalan craftsmanship with contemporary design. The result is bags and accessories with a good mood guarantee!

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The Guatemalan culture is characterised by bright colors and vibrant vitality: Beginning with the beautiful traditional dresses of the Mayas, over the impressive facades of the colonial cities up to the colorful markets of the country. During her first trip to Guatemala in 2010, this atmosphere gave Aline von Mutzenbecher an idea: "Fascinated by the colorful and unique weaving art of the Maya Indians, I felt the desire to make traditional handicrafts combined with contemporary design accessible to people in other parts of the world and to capture the magic of this culture for them arose. A dream was born and sticked to my mind for years."

Aline von Mutzenbecher, founder of Marysal

It still took a few years for the dream to become reality, because Aline was still employed in an investment bank at the time. In 2015, after the successful search for a producer, the Marysal online shop could be launched. In addition to bags and pillows made by Maya Indians, the product range also includes earrings and feather jewellery.

Ethno-creations in small quantities

Quality goes above quantity: All Marysal products are manufactured in small numbers or are even one of a kind. Each of them tells its own story in the form of symbolism, patterns and color combinations. In Guatemala, Maya women manufacture the label's bags and pillowcases from hand-woven textiles. The tradition of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.   

The Maya culture with its colorful dresses and bright colors is the most important inspiration for Marysal.

The indigenous Mayan women create the typical colorful ethno patterns from thousands of tiny threads. Weaving one square meter of fabric can take up to 3 months! The result is not only fabrics, but real art pieces. Marysal not only supports the local family businesses, but also ensures the continuity of the extraordinary traditional craftsmanship and cultural identity of the Mayan Indians.

All Marysal products are manufactured in small numbers in Gutamela by happy workers.

The accessories are handcrafted by the experienced craftsmen of an Apache tribe with great care, attention and devotion - also in Guatemala, which is not actually an Apache area. "We were fortunate to meet these wonderful craftsmen who came from New Mexico, USA, to live in Guatemala long ago. We think it's a great addition to our Maya products," the label explains. The high-quality materials such as genuine leather, feathers and stones are selected by hand with great love.