Monaco Ducks

Natural materials, 100% traditional craftsmanship in Italy and Portugal, timeless design and the highest quality. The Munich-based label MONACO DUCKS is the first climate-neutral designer sneaker label. The focus is on fairness. For people, animals and the environment.  

Charitable Made in Europe Vegan Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted Organic 


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The two founders Julian and Carl met during their studies. Both have always been searching for the supposedly simple things: Well produced, classically beautiful designs. But there was simply no label that matched their expectations of design, quality and sustainability. Thus, they decided to make it happen themselves and focused on their favourite product, the sneaker. Monaco Ducks was born when they were still at university.

Monaco Duck

Julian and Carl, the founders of Monaco Ducks

Although both made careers in completely different fields after graduation, Julian as a management consultant and Carl as the person responsible for digitalisation in mechanical and plant engineering, their passion for sneakers remained. And for Monaco Duck.

What makes it special: A sneaker made of 100% natural materials or materials that are strongly inspired by nature. And the mix of materials. It' s the first sneaker made with loden.
Loden is made of 100% virgin sheep's wool and is probably the oldest outdoor material in the world. And it is completely natural. Together with experts, Carl and Julian have refined the classic loden fabric. In contrast to conventional merino wool, a special virgin sheep's wool is used that is sourced from Bavaria, Rügen and Styria in Austria. It is elaborately processed and then made weatherproof in a special procedure. This makes the loden water- and dirt-repellent, odour-resistant, breathable, temperature-regulating and extremely durable. The wool is processed in Germany's oldest textile factory with a tradition of over 500 years.
By using sheep's wool from Bavaria, Rügen and Austria, the company invests in environmental and landscape protection at the same time. The sheep serve as natural lawnmowers, they are kept in animal-friendly conditions and support the local economy. This places the focus on people, animals and nature.
Unlike cotton, loden is a natural and renewable raw material. The sheep's wool is sheared by hand. This consumes significantly less energy than the production of synthetic materials.

Also, the other materials offer the perfect combination of design and sustainability. The vegan Vegea® leather, for example, is made from leftovers from Italian wine production. The certified leather from Italy is a by-product of the Italian livestock industry.

Monaco Duck
Turning sheeps-wool into laden in Germany's oldest textile factory

The shoes are made in the Italian region of "Le Marche" in a traditional, family-run manufactory in 52 elaborate steps in genuine craftsmanship. The vegan shoes are made in the north of Portugal around the city of Guimarães in an innovative factory that is very familiar with the processing of vegan materials.

Monaco Duck

Sneakers in the making in the traditional, family-run manufactory in the Italian region of "Le Marche" 

Monaco Ducks entire business model is fair and sustainable. Research is continually conducted to find the better alternative. For example, only vegetable-tanned leather is used. The fabrics come from Germany and Italy. Customers' old trainers are taken back and recycled free of charge. The next step will be the world's first Crade to Cradle sneaker. Small production quantities avoid overproduction. In addition, they support the Brazilian forest protection project in Pará. It prohibits the deforestation and commercial use of an area of 86,000 hectares on the Amazon, creates educational opportunities and sources of income for the local population. In Germany, too, they participate in reforestation - as a CO2 compensation project. Thus, Monaco Ducks as a company and also every product is climate neutral.
The next goal: to become climate positive!