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Monica Nera

Minimalist production, feminine design. At Monica Nera, everything is "made-to-order", not a single item is produced too much, avoiding overproduction and waste. The brand supports local workers in Poland, pays fair wages and everything from materials to production is "Made in Europe".

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Monica, the founder and designer of Monica Nera, comes from Warsaw, Poland, and this is also where she produces her collection. She is proud of her home country and yet she was drawn away. Meanwhile London is her second home - and therefore she has the second base of her company here.

But the idea for Monica came to her in Italy. She spent some time living in Reggio Calabria in the south of the Italian mainland opposite Sicily. Her first design was a short black dress based on the model of Coco Chanel. This is how she came up with the name "Nera" - the Italian female adjective for black. Her aim: to combine timelessness and elegance with sustainability. In 2013 she officially founded her company "Monica Nera".

Monica Nera

Monica, the founder and creative director of Monica Nera 

Monica Nera's collections are handmade by seamstresses in her studio in Warsaw, who she closely cooperates with. She uses only the best materials from European manufacturers in Portugal and Italy. "For me, the priority is to maintain the quality of every single item I design".

Monica Nera exclusively sells "made-to-order", which means that there is no pre-production, thus avoiding overproduction and waste. All leftovers are reused and transformed into belts or bows. The use of "new generation" cotton is particularly important to her. The fabric comes from Portugal, is OEKO 100 certified and is made from a longer fibre - and therefore of higher quality, more elastic and more durable. It is also important to Monica to ensure fair working conditions and to pay decent wages.

"My mission as the Owner and Creative Director of Monica Nera brand is to keep the production process as sustainable as possible.  From our fabric sourcing through our local manufacturing  and finally to packing your order, we strive to be environment-friendly.  My responsibility and ethics as the designer is to challenge myself  to maximize the potential of creating an honest sustainable company.“


Monica Nera
Current collection of Monica Nera.

Even though Monica Nera has "black" in her name, you will find pastel shades and strong colours in her collection. The design is feminine and timeless. "The use of fluid and airy fabrics in combination with timeless and trendy silhouettes represent the core values of Monica Nera, which ensure that a woman feels comfortable in every piece she wears".