Taschen aus natürlich gegerbtem Leder

Sustainable bags for strong women: The German newcomer label Naditum relies on vegetable-tanned leather and female empowerment - without compromise.

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Malin Berneuther knows what the perfect bag for modern women looks like: Chic and timeless, spacious and practical - and above all qualitative and sustainable. After studying in Antwerp and Berlin, the German designer with Puerto Rican roots was able to gain important experience with luxury brands in Paris and Munich - until 2015 the idea for Naditum was born. But it took another three years until the concept was mature and the first products with the slogan #welovewomen appeared in stores in 2018.  

The love for women can already be found in the label's name: The old Babylonian term Naditum refers to a community of women who, thanks to their economic independence, have entered male domains of life and can thus be described as the first business women. Naditum stands for the idea of a strengthening female community.

Malin Berneuther, the founder of Naditum.

This feminist central idea is part of every Naditum product. Each bag is designed to support the modern business woman in every situation. They are spacious and practical, but also chic and timeless - a companion for many years. A special highlight: the belt detail that wraps around every bag and turns it into a cool design object.

Sustainability and transparency without compromise

 For the founder, however, it was obvious right from the start: in addition to a pretty design, it is mainly perfect workmanship that is convincing. The label discovered a manufacturer in Portugal. where the master bagmakers still cut the leather by hand and assemble the individual parts by hand.


Naditum bags are produced mainly by hand.

Naditum also makes no compromises in the choice of materials. Sustainability and transparency are of paramount importance here. The designer also accepts the vegetable tanning process, which takes about 40 days, but is gentler on people and nature. The leather comes exclusively from Tuscany, where people have specialised in vegetable tanning for decades. Also the lining and the metal hardware are sourced from Italy –- a guarantee for exceptional quality!