Sneaker fans watch out! Innovative materials, highest quality and a cool design: This is what the label nat-2™ from Germany stands for.

In 2007 Sebastian Thies founded his own shoe label nat-2™ in Munich. He can thereby fall back on a long family tradition in the industry: He comes from one of the oldest shoe dynasties in Europe, which has been bringing up shoemakers since 1856. His father Matthias developed the first compostable shoe in the 1990s. This naturally drove Sebastian Thies to continue in this direction - with big steps towards the future.

Sebastian Thies, the founder of nat-2™. 

Vegan sneakers or finest leather...

Because innovation is what nat-2™ is best known for! The label became famous with a 2-in-1 shoe that turned from a sneaker to a sandal in a single movement.

Driven by the monotony that prevails in the fashion industry, the label started experimenting with the most unusual materials represented on the sneaker market. In addition to finest leather, raw materials such as cork, stones and mushrooms are used. The brand has even developed the world's first vegan wooden sneaker.

 The Label developed the world's first vegan wooden sneakers.

With it's Sleek collection, nat-2™ has created a line of classic leather sneakers with bestseller potential thanks to their timeless design and minimalist color selection. 

Innovation in an urban look

Stylistically, the brand is based on the cool urban style of the graffiti and skate culture of the early 90's and the technology-loving 80's. nat-2™ doesn't want to pick up on clichés, but stands for its own style that combines the best of the past, present, and future.

The German designs are mainly produced in Italy, "out of conviction and due to the fact that we have sensationally competent partners there who share the same spirit, understand their craft, and work sustainably". Nevertheless, nat-2™ is still a family business: Thies' wife is responsible for the Home Collection and his father is also working there.

Insight into the manufacturing of the sneakers.

By the way...

Super stars like Missy Elliott and Will Smith have been wearing their sneakers. From now on they will also be available on the wearness.