The minimalistic care series Natural Goods has only two products in its range. 

With the scent of the forest, they get us out of town and into nature. And of course, they also provide high-quality care.

Robert Rosenstock loved the forest from an early age on, although he grew up in a big city like Berlin. But the nearby forest, in which he was able to escape from the streets, houses and urban hustle and bustle, was already a wonderful vanishing point for him as a child. "A place of inspiration, silence, power."

Yet the founder of the Natural Goods care series was and is struck by how the forest, this wonderful antithesis to city life, for the people in cities and hectic everyday life, is moving further and further into the background: "This once close relationship between man and forest has become rather fragile. For many children, the forest with its plants and animals has long since become a strange world."

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The founder Robert Rosenstock and a picture of the Black Forest, close to where the products are made.
With his small label, Robert Rosenstock wants to create a very own, new connection. By using only high-quality natural substances and aromas from the forest for his two body care products and by producing in a small family business in the Black Forest in an environmentally friendly way, he wants to bring back the love for nature in our bathrooms. It's a little get-the-forest-to-your-home if you smell the scent of the body wash or the care lotion in the morning or evening. It's the scent of essential pine oil that flies towards you.

Protecting the nature, reducing stress

Natural Goods would like to sharpen our senses again for this pleasant and worth protecting nature. Also for what we miss when it no longer plays a role in our lives. Because "in the forest there is a very pleasant micro-climate with pure air and a completely different acoustic backdrop - it calms. Science has long known that the encounter with forest and meadow landscapes strengthens our immune systems, regulates the circulation, and reduces stress".

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The two products: Hand & Body Lotion and Hand & Body Wash

The essential oils (and other ingredients such as argan oil, willow bark, witch hazel and shea butter) soothe and nourish the skin. Some of the ingredients of Natural Goods come from controlled organic cultivation in Germany and Austria. Shower gel and lotion are vegan and uni-sex products - exclusively available in 500ml bottles because a large one is much better than many small ones.

vegan organic made in Europe Eco-Friendly fair