North 89

Cool shoes for every weather: The Swedish brand NORTH 89 combines design and functionality to comfortable sneakers in a minimalistic scandi look.

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Gustaf Secher, like so many others, always had a passion for sneakers - and wanted to wear them all year round: "We have different weather conditions here in Sweden, with hard winters but relatively warm summers. So I wanted to create something that would adapt to the changing seasons we experience in Scandinavia and many other places around the world. In 2016 he founded North 89: A sneaker label with collections are divided into seasons.

Der Gründer des Schuh-Labels NORTH 89

Gustaf Secher

So for the autumn/winter season, weatherproof materials are used, which means you can finally walk around in sneakers even when it's snowing or raining without getting your feet wet. For the spring and summer, the shoes are adapted to warmer temperatures and are made of breathable materials.

The style of the brand: simple. This means that North 89 only offers two basic styles: No 1 and No 2, both silhouettes based on the same shape: A minimalist upper part that sits on a simple cup sole. While the No 1 is characterized by a smooth toe cap and a smooth upper part, the No.2 is somewhat more sporty with its perforated upper part. Both versions adapt to any look.

For the summer season, the Swedish label has chosen fresh pastel colours, while muted colours set the tone in the colder months. Regardless of the season, North uses 89 Italian Margom soles. Each shoe has an insole with memory foam. It provides comfort for all lifetimes and is the little detail that distinguishes North 89 products from other design sneakers.

Produktions Prozess der North 89 Sneaker

Production of the NORTH 89 sneakers 

Since the beginning of North-89 has always taken interest in being sustainable where ever they can, it is one of the pillars at North-89. From the first day of launch they sourced local products and materials. They implement bio leathers and materials that are less harmful to the environment and use natural dyes.

The label does not compromise when it comes to fairness, as Secher explains: "For us it is important that our craftsmen receive a fair wage and are respected as human beings. Before we work with a new supplier, we always carry out our due diligence check. We visit the production facilities to assess their standards with our own eyes. If we are not satisfied with what we see then we will not work with that supplier". They only work with partners who support their local economy, work force and provide an equal opportunities to all.


Production facilities

What does the future look like for the label? "We are constantly working to improve our production even further and are working on models made of organic materials that are free of metals and chrome. We are also working on the implementation with vegan leather," says the founder. The first vegan products should be available as early as spring/summer 2020.