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Responsible fashion for pregnancy times, before and after: Nove is made for women at all stages of life - and to last a lifetime.

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Janina Waschkowski is a mother of two children and therefore knows the fashion challenges that pregnancy brings with it. Like many women, she too was looking for high-quality and beautiful maternity fashion, sustainably made - but she couldn't find anything. The offer consisted mainly of functional models made of inferior materials. Throwing her style and demands overboard during pregnancy was no option for Janina.

Janina Waschkowski von Nove

Janina Waschkowski, the founder of Nove

In 2019 she founded her label Nove, which was intended to fill the gap in the market. But maternity fashion was not enough for the founder: the clothes should be wearable by women at every stage of their lives. They should embrace the body instead of constricting it. That's why the label prefers to concentrate on a few models that are incredibly cleverly designed for this purpose. Even the trousers can be worn with or without a baby's tummy. Clear lines and a neutral colour palette make the collection look timelessly elegant rather than playful. But the individual designs are perfect for combining with everything the wardrobe has to offer, no matter what style you wear.

When creating the cuts, the designer not only ensures that the pieces fit comfortably, but also that there is as little waste as possible:

"For example, we avoid waste by using loden wool that can be cut from both sides". 

In order to be able to offer the best quality, she researched thoroughly about material procurement. She decided to purchase the majority of the materials from tested manufacturers in Europe and mainly uses natural materials. Only the peace silk, which the label obtains from a company in Leipzig, comes from India. The difference to normal silk is that the silkworms are not boiled and therefore killed during production. The finished fabric is printed in Italy using a water-saving process.

Materialien bei Nove

During the making of the Nove collection: Sketching, material sourcing and cutting 

All other production steps take place in the EU. "We know all our suppliers and the delivery routes are as short as possible," explains Janina Waschkowski. Nove produces fairly and sustainably in a small factory in Plodiv, Bulgaria. The knitwear is hand-knitted in Berlin. The collection is complemented by rings made by a goldsmith in southern Germany with silver and gold from fair trade.

There is no better way of doing it - isn't there? "Our label is already very sustainable in many areas. But there are constant innovations in the textile or packaging sector."  Says the founder. "This is why we will not stop optimizing our value chain."