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When it comes to NUMEN there are no IT bags, but sustainable favourite bags. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and a timeless look, they will become your companion for many years to come.

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The story of NUMEN begins, just as with so many labels - with the solution to a problem: Nicola Cliemas was looking for the perfect bag. A bag that could hold a laptop as well as all the other important essentials, functional and yet aesthetic. "But nothing could meet my expectations," explains the founder." That's why I decided to create my own label and design the bags that would meet my demands in terms of design and quality and make my vision come true".

Designerin Numen Taschen

Nicola Cliemas
How do these visions look like? Timeless and minimalist above all, but also elegant and feminine at the same time. The shapes are slightly rounded, every piece looks like a puristic design object. The colours of the bags are selected to match easily with the rest of the wardrobe: Lots of black and brown, a little cream and occasional pieces in brighter highlight colours. 
Numen Taschen

All NUMEN bags are made of Italian leather. Made from rescued waste from the food industry, processed in a tannery in Italy. The entire process is carried out there, to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Solar panels cover 60% of the energy demand.
"Our production process complies with the latest REACH regulation", says Nicola Cliemas and continues: "To achieve the high quality leather, traditional dyeing methods are used - no fast and synthetic tanning process!" 

The bags are finished in leading leather factories in Veneto and Florence. The regional proximity to the tanneries was a deliberate decision, as this saves long transport routes.

"All our products are manufactured in family-run traditional Italian companies. It is important to me to talk to our producers on an equal basis, which includes paying reasonable prices for their craftsmanship. We have a good personal contact and work together to get the best possible end product".

For the label, a handbag is more than just an everyday object or consumer good, but an important companion for every moment of life. All steps are carried out by hand. This guarantees a clean finish and makes the final product more durable - or as the founder says: "All our bags can still be loved and worn in ten years."

Numen Taschen