The young Polish label Osnova stands for modern ethical and responsible fashion. The emphasis is on high quality materials, precise tailoring and experienced craftsmen. Respect for the planet is an absolute priority. Impacts on the environment are minimised and avoided wherever possible.

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Osnowa was founded by the friends Paulina Wardak and Paulina Soltyk. They share a love of fashion. One of them has a family background due to her father's sewing studio, the other one has a passion for art and beautiful things. Both had already gained experience in marketing and project management in large companies. 
Guided by common values, they had the desire to develop their own collection.  

Paulina Wardak and Paulina Soltyk, the two founders of Osnova

The basic idea behind Osnova: a collection that functions like a well designed and completely ethical wardrobe. Everything produced locally in timeless styles. Everything fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. The two friends like to use the term "Capsule Clotheset": Classic and convenient basics that work for a variety of outfits and whose quality lasts for years. Thanks to a wide range of sizes (XS-XL), women with a wide variety of figures can find what they are looking for.


The Capsule Clotheset: Everything fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

From the beginning on, it was important to Paulina and Paulina that Osnova was built on the values that were important to themselves.
Materials are carefully selected and ensured that they are good for the planet and for the skin. Therefore, materials are researched all over the world. Osnova not only wants to make clothes that are beautiful, but that are also made in an innovative way. To achieve this, they work with reliable manufacturers from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Japan. Materials must be certified, biodegradable or recyclable. The production process of the materials must be modern and minimise the use of resources such as energy and water.
In addition to recycled cotton and GOTS-certified organic cotton, the collections include certified ROICA elastane from Japan, Italian premium recycled wool Re.Verso or Newlife - polyester made from 100% bottles fished from the sea.



Materials must be certified, biodegradable or recyclable: GOTS-certified organic cotton (above); Newlife - polyester made from 100% bottles fished from the sea.

And details matter too. The buttons are made from natural materials such as walnut wood and mother-of-pearl, and the buttons used for jeans are made from nickel-free metal. The labels are of recycled polyester and cotton. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard.
All suppliers are meticulously checked. So are certificates and documents confirming the origin of their official materials. Transparency is the key.


While sewing in the tailor's shop in Poland

Everything is made in Poland. Osnova benefits from the long experience and tradition of four Polish sewing factories, including the family tailor shop in Wroclaw.
The name of each seamstress can be found on the label next to the garment she sewed. Both the seamstresses and everyone else involved are paid a fair wage.
Osnova guarantees the highest quality and timeless styles you will love for years to come. By using valuable, environmentally friendly materials, you are contributing to your own well-being and that of the planet.