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You can actually cancel your summer holiday this year: Palmaria Mallorca turns your home into a Majorcan finca with perfumed soaps, eau de colognes and candles.

Mediterranean flair in a bottle - this was the vision shared by Joan Rosselló from Mallorca and Markus Elter from Cologne when they founded their brand Palmaria Mallorca in 2012. "We had talked over and over again about the potential and opportunities that Mallorca could offer in entrepreneurial terms. The idea was born when Juan brought back pieces of soap from various long-established brands from a trip to England. We wanted to integrate the flavours and colours of Mallorca into quality products and express the island's cultural heritage and history in a classic contemporary look," explains Elter. The name goes back to the Romans who founded the city of Palma de Mallorca in 123 B.C. and called it Palmaria Palmensis - Victory Palm. The Roman victory symbol of the palm branch can also be found in the logo as the wing of the lion.

Markus Elter, co-founder of Palmaria Mallorca

Sensual fragrances from nature

The Palmaria Mallorca range consists of eau de colognes, scented candles, room fragrances and and organic soaps, produced according to traditional methods on a purely vegetable basis. The house has developed three different fragrance creations that capture the sensations of a summer's day on the island: The unisex composition "Mar" with bergamot, white musk and patchouli reminds of the sea and the cool breeze on the beach. The bouquet of Terra de Flors Eau de Toilette smells like a garden full of floral aromas. At the heart of the "Flor de Naranjo" line is the freshness of orange and the soft note of blossom. An aroma that immediately takes you to a Mallorcan orange plantation on a sunny day! "The orange blossom is also a tribute to the classic Eau de Cologne of Mediterranean origin," says co-founder Markus Elter.

The Palmaria Soaps are produced according to traditional methods on a purely vegetable basis.

The design is also inspired by the culture and colours of the Balearic Islands. Ornaments from Mallorcan architecture can be found on the packaging, the logo shows patterns from the mosaics of the cathedral in Palma and the city's coat of arms next to the lion. A product line with many authentic references to Mallorca - also because everything is handcrafted there and thus Palmaria Mallorca strengthens local companies.

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