Pyne organic cotton T-Shirts auf the wearness

The fact that T-shirts are the secret stars of our wardrobe is obvious for the label PHYNE.

Therefore it only produces basics that immediately can be identified as favorites for skin and nature - because they are organic and they look great.


Eco-Friendly made in Europe fair organic vegan


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A T-shirt is not just a T-shirt. This is what the founders of the small, fine German basic label PHYNE thought. A T-shirt should look good, feel like a second skin and it has to fit your body perfectly. Actually, it makes sense that this essential should consist of high-quality material, which is friendly to people and nature. The inventors of PHYNE put this idea into practice as coherently as consistently.

High quality, well fitting and made of the best material 

The first collection, launched by Kerstin Mikeska (Head of Design) and Dirk Meycke (Creative Director) last year, was first-class T-shirts for men. High quality, well fitting and of course made of a material that is as gentle on the skin and the environment as possible. By the way: The big brother, the sweatshirt, was also allowed to join in the perfect range. In 2018, a women's collection followed. With it, the plan was also realized to work exclusively with materials that are truly 100% sustainable. The shirts are "made in Europe", vegan, and eco-certified. They are made of organic cotton or the sustainably produced fabric Tencel - a fabric made from raw wood. The fiber production itself is particularly environmentally friendly due to a closed circuit.

Kerstin Bio 2
Kerstin Mikeska (Head of Design) and Dirk Meycke (Creative Director)
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Pictures of the product development and quality control 

For PHYNE, one thing is very important: a part that has been included in the collection remains in it, and will not be replaced by a new one in the coming season. For this reason, a great deal of importance is attached to the longevity of quality, and a design language that does not go out of fashion quickly. "We want our customers to be able to wear their favorites in the coming seasons." If you ever thought that a T-shirt could soon be part of the discarded clothing collection - you're wrong. "This idea of sustainability has been fundamental to us from the very beginning." What this approach also means is that a piece you would like to have forever is suddenly no longer in stock!

The company does not use plastics for packaging.