statement earrings
Statement earrings: Eight reasons why we love them
  • They draw all attention to your face and let it glow like no other accessory.
  • They quickly and effortlessly transform any business look into a glamorous evening outfit.

  • Bad hair day? Just pull your hair back, put your earrings in and you are ready to go. 

  • With statement earrings there is no need for a lot of make-up.
  • The more eyecatching the earrings, the simpler and breezier the outfit may be. Wonderful, especially now in summer!

  • Shoulder dusters, very long ear pendants are the perfect match for off-shoulder tops and will give you the feeling of being a bit more dressed.
  • They make turtlenecks and white blouses look less stern.
  • They also work as singles: the larger the earring, the better it looks worn on one side only. Our tip: Simply put a small earring on the other side. This way you avoid the question whether you've lost one.