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This is HER

Business fashion that makes women strong: With perfectly cut blazers, the German label This is HER shows that femininity and professional success are absolutely not mutually exclusive.

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The modern woman is an all-rounder: job, children, household. She has long been as well educated as a man. And yet almost all women experience the feeling of not being taken seriously during their career. And this is only because they are women.

Dr. Halima Jarrodi shares this experience. Not even her academic title could prevent her from being perceived as too feminine to be successful during her career in the automotive and consulting industries - real male domains. She was told to reduce her make-up, open hair and feminine costumes became a problem. Today she says: "I was constantly reminded that I would only be taken seriously if I held back in my femininity. I played this game for quite a while before I realized how much I had changed and how much I had grown in to looking like my male colleagues".

Designerin This is Her

Dr. Halima Jarrodi, the founder of This is HER.

When she started to think about it, Halima realized that the problem started with the actual choice of business fashion. It is still dominated by muted colors and cuts that hide the female body rather than emphasize the shapes. In 2018, Halima decided to fill the gap in the market and founded her label for modern, feminine business fashion: This is HER. The first collection focuses on the core piece of a female professional: The blazer. The This is HER version is narrowly cut and waisted. Shoulder pads emphasize the female strength. Just like the color range, which proves with exciting red and delicate rosé that even typical "women's colors" can look serious and cool.

This Is Her
The current collection of This is HER - the feminin blazer.

The sophisticated designs are produced in a Portuguese factory, where only luxury brands like Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren Collection and Armani have their products manufactured. The fabrics come exclusively from the EU. It was not easy to find a production site that emphasizes female empowerment as much as This is HER. When Halima found the company, she fell in love immediately. It is an excellent example of outstanding working conditions in the textile industry and was - how could it be else - founded by a woman.