Selected plant oils, blossom water and essential oils from organic cultivation: The Voyanics cosmetic label not only simplifies the skin care routine but also provides soul care.

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With cosmetic products, less is often more. The fewer the ingredients on the packaging, the better the formulations are tolerated by the body. The longer the list, and the longer the names of the ingredients, the more likely there are things in it that the skin would like to avoid. With her Voyanics label, Daniela Mellis pursues a particularly minimalist approach: her care oils require only one ingredient. They contain only what it says on the label - cold-pressed and without synthetics or any irritating substances.

The brand uses indigenous plants and medicinal herbs from all over the world and provides everything you need for your holistic beauty ritual: cleansing, care for face, body and hair, and soothing aromatherapy. For many people, natural oils have become an integral part of their daily beauty routine.

Face oils in particular have long been considered difficult, because not every oil suits every purpose and every skin type. Voyanics has the right product for every need: With light jojoba or primrose oil, impurities and acne are under control. Plum seed oil gives dry skin back its glow, avocado oil additionally helps with irritations. As anti-aging care, the label offers rose hip oil, which is full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Other oils are used for the hair, body and eyes. Superfood Chia is used in the brand's cleansing product. Daniela Mellis recommends to do a double cleanse in the evening to really free every pore. To do this, first wash your face with Chia oil, then with a conventional washing product. The range is rounded off by essential oils and face toners made from blossoms, which both care and smell wonderfully at the same time.

All Voyanics products are made in Germany. Most of the raw materials come from the EU, except for exotic plants, such as the wonder weapon Tamanu.

"We deliberately select raw materials with zero pesticide residues and always have this confirmed by analysis from the supplier of the individual raw material components," explains the founder.

Thus, all ingredients come from certified organic cultivation - to ensure that our largest organ remains not only naturally beautiful but also healthy.