Walter de Silva

Ethical luxury shoes in timeless classic design. WALTER DE SILVA shoes are finely handcrafted in Italy. With only one collection a year, they fight against mass production and underline the company's sustainable philosophy. 

 Made in Europe Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted 


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Designer Walter De Silva first became known as an automotive designer. Until the end of 2015, he was responsible for the design of Volkswagen. Before that, he developed new design concepts as chief designer for Alfa Romeo as well as for Seat and Audi. In 2015, he founded the shoe brand WALTER DE SILVA together with his wife Emmanuelle. This closes the circle - de Silva's Ferruccio grandparents owned a factory for women's shoes in Milan in the 1920s - already known at the time for their craftsmanship in manufacturing. Today, the family continues this tradition.

Walter de Silva

Walter De Silva and his wife Emmanuelle - the founders of WALTER DE SILVA 

The first pair of shoes that De Silva designed goes back to his own love story. It was a pair of evening shoes for his wife, Emmanuelle. "My most iconic model is the Emmanuelle. It's a story about two lovers in Paris and a first gift. This gift is a pair of high heels, which I named after my wife. This is our story, and I'm glad we created the shoe line together."

The label became known for architectural silhouettes with slim stiletto heels and eye-catching orange insoles. The designer's signature is evident in the heel. The weight of the high heels (less than 160 grams) makes them one of the lightest shoes on the market.

 Walter de Silva

Iconic shapes: architectural silhouettes with slim stiletto heels

With only one collection a year, WALTER DE SILVA fights against mass production. Each model only comes in a limited number to minimize wastage. Not only are all shoes carefully handcrafted in Italy, but all materials, from leather to yarn, are sourced from Italy. The short transport distances also save CO2 emissions and support the environment. Today, WALTER DE SILVA strives to become more sustainable and conscious, using ethically produced and recycled materials for the shoes as well as for all packaging.

walter de silva

 Manufacturing the shoes in Italy