Weiße Shirts

We love white shirts:

  • From basic to statement: White blouses are now available in all shapes and sizes: Whether asymmetrical, sleeveless, high-necked or cropped - this classic is a real eye-catcher.
  • White can be easily combined. It makes bright colours stand out.
  • For the office, it is always a no-brainer. Airy fabrics such as cotton or silk give a cooling feeling in on hot summer days. A light midi skirt with it, the office look is ready.
  • An important appointment is imminent and you are looking for a power look? Slip into a white blouse and feel elegant and confident. It will work!
  • The white shirt in the current oversize cut combined to jeans and cool sandals is a perfectly styled everyday look.
  • If you leave the lower buttons open and knot the ends, the white blouse turns into a beach top.
  • Nothing underlines a slightly tanned complexion better than a radiant white blouse.
  • Are you a fan of State-Jewellery? A white shirt with an elaborate cut is the perfect basis for this.