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Are you looking for leather and fur products from sustainable and fair production? Then you should definitely get to know WERNER CHRIST. 

   the wearness fair Ec-Friendly HANDCRAFTED  

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For over 60 years, the family business has been offering high-quality leather and lambskin articles of the highest quality. Right from the beginning, the brand has always stood for sustainable values and innovative products.

Werner Christ's rich tradition starts as early as in 1954: In Germany, in the Hunsrück, Werner and Anni Christ decided to produce raincoats using only one sewing machine - completely unglamorous, in the couple's garage. Nevertheless, quality - the company even held a patent at the time - and customer orientation were the hallmarks of the company right from the start.  

Rosa Lammfelljacke Werner Christ Petrolfarbene Lammfelljacke
Real eye-catchers: The lambskin jackets in beautiful colors.

Even in the 1960s, when there was a real hype about motorcycles and the lifestyle around them, the founders kept up with the spirit of the times and switched their production to leather and motorcycle jackets. Instead of mass production, they focused on sustainable and innovative products. Research and development of various finishing and processing techniques were always supported and promoted by the company.

In 1983 the family decided to set up their own tannery in San José, Uruguay. This gave them exclusive access to the finest types of leather and lambskin. The entire value chain was now in the hands of the family business. Since then, a completely fair, transparent and sustainable production can be guaranteed.

"We've always felt responsible for the environment. When we started to build the plant in Uruguay, the septic tank was finished first of all. We also started to work with renewable energy very early on. The solar system we installed in 2007 immediately resulted in a saving of 20% in crude oil. In 2009 we built a wood combustion plant. The CO2 emissions naturally generated by the combustion process are offset by the surrounding forest. We now tan 100 % CO2-neutral." 

Haptics and appearance of the leather and lambskins are optimized by experts depending on the area of application. As the demand for clothing and lambskin products increased rapidly, an additional ready-made clothing company was founded in the Philippines in 1996. 

Tradition meets trend

In the meantime, a new generation has taken over the scepter in the family business. A modern online presence, active social media presence and even a new name make Werner Christ fit for the digital age - the cool looks of the label fit in anyway. In addition to elegant reversible jackets, there are also long, black leather coats with which you can pass every bouncer in trendy techno clubs. You can easily imagine the lambskin jackets in bright colours in any front row. And cuddly jackets in a teddy look have been in vogue for years anyway...

Werner Christ ventures into a new chapter. But much remains the same: the original values are lived and passed on in the family business. After all, this is what success is based on.