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Clothes from vintage tablecloths? The concept of the Berlin luxury label WORLDPEARLSLOVE may sound funny at first, but it brings out gorgeous creations - without any waste during production!

Often it is unusual ideas that help to revolutionise the fashion system - such as the one by Carsten and Carlotta Teubel. The couple travelled the world for a year during a sabbatical in 2015 and 2016. Carlotta had previously worked in the fashion industry for many years, most recently for the French luxury brand Hermès Paris for over 15 years. Carsten worked in the financial and in the TIME sector.

Carsten and Carlotta Teubel, Founders of Worldpearlslove – the wearness
Carlotta and Carsten Teubel, founders of WORLDPEARLSLOVE.

One day, they had the idea of creating something new from the treasures they found on their journey. Shortly afterwards, the two of them decided to quit their jobs and travel further in order to delve deeper into new places and cultures. At that time, the concept of WORLDPEARLSLOVE continued to mature - and the idea of creating enchanting tunics from vintage tablecloths was fixed. The brand's name stands for all the treasures that the different beautiful cultures, people, and places on earth bring forth - the so-called world pearls that you simply have to love.

Tunics from vintage tablecloths

Based on the principles of circular fashion, WORLDPEARLSLOVE brings new life to old materials. The T-CLOTH collection consists entirely of vintage tablecloths from all over the world. Each one is a pearl in its own right, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of our planet. They are made of linen or cotton and are usually embroidered generously. During the production of the tunics almost 100% of the tablecloths are used. This saves resources and is good for the planet.

WORLDPEARLSLOVE T-Cloth Production @ the wearness    WORLDPEARLSLOVE T-Cloth Production @ the wearness

WORLDPEARLSLOVE T-Cloth Production @ the wearness    WORLDPEARLSLOVE T-Cloth Production @ the wearness
All T-CLOTHS are completely produced by hand in Germany.

The T-CLOTH collection is designed in Germany and manufactured by hand. In addition to the classic tunics for ladies, the label now also offers children's T-CLOTH and colorful belts. Skirts and blouses from vintage tablecloths are in production. All WORLDPEARLSLOVE products sparkle this certain ethno charm, which immediately causes wanderlust. Nevertheless, in combination with jeans the tunics can also be easily styled for the European summer. And nobody will suspect that you are wearing an vintage tablecloth. We promise!

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